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K O N N E C T E D   A G E N C Y
recruitment firm

Konnected Agency is a premier boutique recruitment and talent acquisition agency dedicated to delivering modern solutions for the pressing hiring needs of employers globally.

Our Services

At Konnected Agency, we eliminate the frustration and pressure of finding, recruiting, and hiring qualified professionals.  We pride ourselves on simplifying the recruitment process for our clients by taking the time to identify supremely talented and accomplished candidates that are the perfect fit for their organization.  As experts in the field of talent acquisition, Konnected Agency eliminates hours of wasted time, endless frustration, and financial impact that is often associated with hiring. 

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The Right Fit and Top Talent- every time 

Konnected Agency Connects You to Top-Tier Talent 

When it comes to recruitment and hiring, there is no one-size-fits-all solution

The top industries we support

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Why Choose Us

At Konnected Agency, we are a detail-oriented, data-driven, and people-centered organization that takes the time to understand our client’s specific needs, goals, and company culture.  We respect our client’s time and work tirelessly to deliver high-impact candidates that we believe would be an ideal fit for the organization.  We take the time to research, vet, and suggest only the absolute best talent for the job.

Konnected Agency is the premier talent acquisition agency that takes the time to recognize your unique needs, understand the ebbs and flows of your organization, and identify candidates that we believe will provide you with the expertise, work ethic, and longevity you deserve. 

Konnected Agency is a hyper-focused boutique recruiting firm steadfast in our mission to support our clients identify, attract, and retain talented candidates for a wide assortment of industry-specific jobs.  Embracing a hands-on approach that focuses on quality over quantity, Konnected Agency delivers innovative solutions to modern talent acquisition challenges that drive results.

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Our Clients

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